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Local elections May 2019

With the local elections approaching fast we have tried to collate useful information for residents of Sidmouth Parish.

Hustings event at St Teresa’s Hall, Tuesday 30th April:

At the end of the month, the Vision Group for Sidmouth will be putting on a ‘meet the candidates’ event in the run-up to the District and Town Council elections.
It will take the form of a ‘speed-dating’ format, in which candidates will be seated at tables around the hall and voters will be encouraged to hop from one table to the next, putting their questions to each candidate in their ward.
All the candidates for both the Town and District councils have been invited and will be available for questions from the public on a one-to-one basis.
Those standing for the Town Council will take up position for the first hour, followed by those standing for the District Council during the second hour.
The full list of street addresses for each ward will be available so that attendees can see which ward they are in and so which candidates they can question. [See below for links]
The evening will be moderated by the Vision Group, who have been putting on hustings events for elections since the group was founded back in 2005.
The event will kick off at 7pm and finish at about 9pm, on Tuesday 30th April. 
It will be held at St Teresa’s Hall on Connaught Road and will be open to all.
Local elections HUSTINGS

Ward boundaries and street index:

The boundaries of East Devon wards have been changed and at the same time the Sidmouth wards have been altered. The boundaries of the new District wards are on the EDDC website but the Sidmouth ones don’t appear there.
We have asked (on the 9th April) for up-to-date information but have not heard back from EDDC yet.  The Sidmouth Town Clerk has kindly supplied a list of street names he had managed to winkle out of them but that doesn’t give a totally clear view as some street names appear in two different wards.

The ‘street name’ list

Here are the links to The Herald pages showing the manifestos given to them by most of the candidates:

District Council Candidates

East Devon elections 2019; Meet the candidates for EDDC’s Sidmouth and parish seats

Town Council Candidates

East Devon elections 2019; Who is vying for a Sidmouth Town Council seat?

If we get any further information from the candidates we will add it here.