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Look to the Possible!

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While XR are drawing our attention  by calling for government action other, long standing, groups are talking about what is possible.

This group used to be called 10:10 Climate Action but rebranded this October with the feel-good name of Possible.

Viewed simply, XR believes we need to disrupt things and get change from the top down, Possible that we can make a difference working from the bottom up.

The reality is that we need both approaches.

No amount of intended Government changes will make a difference if society is unwilling to give up its wasteful ways :- fast fashion ( including new tech, furniture, cars), throwing things away instead of mending them, heating buildings while keeping doors and windows open ( I wonder if anyone has calculated the amount of global warming caused by shop doors being open in winter? Or by people who remove stucco or pebble-dash from their homes thereby reducing insulation?) And no amount of frugality in our personal lives will matter if the Governments allow large scale manufacturing and industry to carry on unchecked.

If you are feeling helpless, or the approach of creeping ‘Climate dread’, then look at the following links for ideas on how you can make a difference.

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