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Looking back on the old year, looking forward to the new

  • by JW

“See you next year!”


It’s that time of year, when we look to the past and look to the future.

And there are of course very different perspectives to consider.

There is what the business community has to say on enterprise and the economy: Business leaders share their great big South West wish list for 2023 – Business Live

With Devon and Cornwall about to have a new Chief Constable, we will be anticipating new perspectives on law and order: New police chief will be in no doubt as to what your priorities are | Sidmouth Herald

Providing real perspective, there is the feeling that we are very much poised between the past and the future when it comes to biodiversity and the planet: Landmark COP15 agreement gives nature hope for the future, if implementation follows | Devon Wildlife Trust

Meanwhile, we are being asked for our own take on what the Sid Valley should be looking like in the years ahead – with the Local Plan consultation coming to an end on 15th January: Draft Local Plan Consultation – East Devon

The VGS relaunched its cycling group – and put together a survey on views for the Sid Valley – with that open until 31st December: Sidmouth Cycling Campaign – Vision Group for Sidmouth

And the VGS has also launched the Champions Awards for next year – focussing on the twin ideas of sustainability – being able to keep going by both saving money and saving the planet: Enter the Champions Awards 2023 – Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards

Finally, today’s posting on the Awards news pages also looks at the future – and, taking us back to the first item at the top of this piece, how businesses can survive and prosper: Ideas to help make your business more sustainable: LOOKING TO THE FUTURE – Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards

See you next year!