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New e-car charging scheme for Exeter

  • by JW

Co Charger: “We enable people and businesses with chargers to make them available to their neighbourhoods.”


Exeter is doing very well with the Co brand of electric vehicles:

Car hire by the hour, day or week in the South West, Exeter | Co Cars

Co-cars | Facebook

Electric cargo bike delivery service in Exeter | Co Delivery

On demand electric bike hire in Exeter | Co Bikes


With a very enthusiastic overview here:

Overall, my experience of using Co Cars and Co Bikes was a hugely positive one. From the actual experience, to their ethical underpinning and circular-economy approach, I found myself struggling to think of a reason why I wouldn’t permanently consider them as my default mode of transport around Exeter. For every one person who makes this leap, one thing is for sure. They’ll most likely save some money and will certainly help to make a small impact in the bigger effort of Exeter to become a healthier and happier place.

Co Cars & Co Bikes – Exeter’s Electric Revolution – Grow


These news pages have covered their growing success:

New e-bikes for Exeter – Vision Group for Sidmouth

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A new addition to their stable has just been launched:

Co Charger – Closing the gap in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


Here is Co Charger founder, Joel Teague, interviewed by Exeter Community Energy:

We enable people and businesses with chargers to make them available to their neighbourhoods.

We collaborate with communities, automotive sales channels and local government, bringing them together with our unique app. In doing so Co Charger encourages people to make the switch to an EV. We give them an affordable means to charge it while at home, regularly and reliably.

Co Charger’s plan to bring electric cars to our streets – ECOE


And here he is in today’s Sunday Times:

Teague said: “Business and government are trying to solve the problem by putting more chargers in, but the better way to do it is to use the ones you’ve got.” He points out that there are 250,000 domestic chargers, and just 35,000 public ones, and most charging is done close to home, rather than on long journeys.

From modest beginnings of 100 hosts, he will embark on a fundraising round in February intended to help him expand his company, Co Charger, to 7,500 hosts by the end of next year.

Can’t find an electric car charger? Rent the neighbour’s | News | The Sunday Times


Finally, here he is on YouTube:



Co Charger Intro (HD) – YouTube

About Us – Co Charger