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New hygiene ratings for local restaurants

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There has recently been much concern expressed in the town and online because both The Bowd and Clock Tower had received poor food ratings, understandably there has been much speculation but such speculation can be damaging.

To understand the complexities you have to be familiar with the legislation and to understand that a rating is considered to be a ‘snap shot’ of what was found at the time of the inspection not a wholesale criticism of the business.
See the Food Standards Agency website and guidance for food businesses

The Clock Tower has said that it has been reinspected and gained a 4 to replace the 1 ( a 0 rating means immediate reforms must be made); and The Bowd has explained they had had a boiler leak, There seems to be no information about retesting perhaps they will let us know soon?
Food hygiene rating scheme

It seems unfortunate that testing is only supposed to apply to the particular day and yet the rating is widely advertised until the next testing takes place; this could be very misleading both by making people have excessive confidence in a business as well as making them lose confidence in a business. However, there doesn’t seem to be a better way of doing things.

The British Hospitality Association is now part of UK Hospitality and the information they previous provided about Food Hygiene seems to have been lost in the transfer to a new website.