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New models of carbon neutral and sustainable development

  • by JW

Bristol’s latest “low-carbon and eco-friendly proposals” on brownfield sites.

How to create “new homes alongside employment, cultural and public spaces that respond to the climate and ecological emergencies”


What can a seaside town such as Sidmouth learn from big-scale regeneration?

There are some visionary projects happening which can act as models, whatever the size.

For example, London is working with other cities on real sustainable development:

Around the world, C40 mayors and the cities they lead are taking ambitious, collaborative and urgent climate action that aligns with science-backed targets. They work together across borders in order to protect people and communities everywhere, and build a more sustainable, resilient and equitable future.

Our Cities – C40 Cities

They’ve just set up a competition:

An international contest is being held to regenerate 25 underused brownfield sites across 12 of the world’s greatest cities. Open to multidisciplinary teams of architects, urban planners, developers, environmentalists, and community groups – the two-stage competition seeks ‘low-carbon and eco-friendly’ proposals for new developments which could boost social inclusion on a range of dense city centre sites. The C40 Reinventing Cities contest will transform a wide variety of sites including empty plots, abandoned buildings, underused car parks and an abandoned incinerator…

C40 Reinventing Cities 2022.

And Bristol is one of the cities entering the competition:

The proposed site is within the Whitehouse Street Regeneration Area, which is located at the southern edge of Bristol City Centre. The site presents a unique and exciting opportunity to create a vibrant and sustainable new neighbourhood which incorporates best practice placemaking and sustainability principles, and delivers a significant number of new homes, employment floorspace and community facilities.

Whitehouse Street Regeneration Area | Sites in competition | Reinventing Cities | Reinventing Cities

The city council is making real efforts on several fronts:

What the Whitehouse Street regeneration proposal is, what a regeneration framework and a community manifesto are, how to have your say about the proposals.

Whitehouse Street regeneration –

And they really are trying to engage local people in putting together a plan:

We are currently incorporating the ideas gathered from the local community, landowners, experts and other interest groups over the last year into a draft of the regeneration framework. A formal consultation on the draft framework will be carried out in Spring 2022 with the framework then going to Bristol City Council’s Cabinet for approval later in Summer 2022.

Help shape the future of Bedminster

The idea is very much ‘sustainable development’:

Over the next 5-15 years, the project will see the transformation of the area into a mixed and balanced community with c2,000 new homes alongside employment, cultural and public spaces that respond to the climate and ecological emergencies.

Original by Bristol – Whitehouse Street Regeneration Area

So: what ideas can Sidmouth pick up to create “new homes alongside employment, cultural and public spaces that respond to the climate and ecological emergencies“?