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2008 Transport

News from the Transport & Traffic Action Group

We are moving towards helping get Stuart Hughes’ Transport & Traffic Round Table together in the autumn to begin putting together a ‘Traffic Management System’ – which might or might not include pedestrianisation. Whilst no one wishes to prejudice any discussions or outcomes, it is essential that the options are explored and serious research carried out.

It was with this in mind that last month, David and Pat Addis paid a visit to every shop and business on SEATON’S FORE and QUEEN STREETS to gauge traders’ opinions about how pedestrianisation has worked in their town centre – and only one shopkeeper voiced dissatisfaction (- he ‘missed the noise of the cars’).

Before it was introduced, business people had understandably had serious qualms about the notion and practicalities of such a system. To quote the Chair:

‘Part of the excellent value of David and Pat Addis’s survey of opinion in Seaton was not simply an endorsement of partial pedestrianisation by the traders in the town but the lessons to be learnt from their experience:

  1. minimise disruption to trade during the changeover by not insisting on a complete repaving of the streets prior to introduction of the scheme;
  2. ensure that a well monitored (or policed) delivery vehicle permit in the day time is available;
  3. ensure that adequate parking for those who need it (people with disability, visitors from out of town, parents with small children) is available conveniently close to the pedestrianised precinct.’