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2013 Bid for sports money fails, but..

.. the Sidmouth Town Council is obviously keen to take the Sidmouth to Feniton cycle project further

This was received earlier this week from the District Council’s Community Engagement and Funding Officer:


Thank you for your proposal to Sidmouth Town Council for the £150,000 of Section 106 sports money to spend in Sidmouth (press release below). Your proposal was for a feasibility study and early mapping exercises for the Sidmouth to Feniton cycleway.

I am afraid your project is not eligible for the money, which is only available for fixed permanent capital items like a pitch, skate park or an outdoor gym. We are not able to fund your project.

However, one of the projects Sidmouth Town Council are discussing putting forward as a strategic project is for permanent capital items towards this project such as a road crossing, road markings and cycle racks. They are going to talk to Devon County Council to see if this is possible.

Keep an eye out in the local media for updates on the Sidmouth sports money project.


Miss Jamie Buckley

Community Engagement and Funding Officer

East Devon District Council

(01395) 517569


How would you spend £150,000 on sport in Sidmouth?

EAST Devon District Council is inviting all Sidmouth, Sidbury and Sidford’s residents, voluntary and community groups and other organisations to send their ideas to Sidmouth Town Council on how £150,000 can be spent on sport provision in the Town Council area.

All the funds available have been accumulated by East Devon District Council from recent housing developments in the parish of Sidmouth (Section 106 money). It is now decision time for the residents on how this money is spent.

Several different sport projects all over the town could benefit from the money. Sidmouth Town Council is urging individuals as well as voluntary and community groups and other organisations, especially sports and recreation groups, to submit proposals for projects they would like to undertake.

The ideas can include all sorts of outdoor sports proposals from BMX tracks, skate parks, basketball courts or an outdoor gym to a cricket or football pitch. It could be for new facilities or to improve existing facilities such as pitch resurfacing. It must be for permanently sited recreation equipment, so not for equipment like cricket bats or tennis rackets.

Open and accessible

The money could be spent on pitches, courts, lawns, greens, and tracks and training areas. Once installed, the recreation facilities or equipment must be open and accessible to the whole community. Funding cannot be spent on buildings, indoor facilities, professional sports grounds or golf courses.

If you are not sure if your project would be eligible you can find out by contacting East Devon District Council’s Community Engagement and Funding Officer on (01395) 517569.

All proposals must be submitted to Sidmouth Town Council by Friday 28 June 2013 at the latest. Please send your name, the name of your group (if you have one), your contact details, information on what your proposal is and an estimate of how much funding you want to apply for. This could be as little as a 3- 4 paragraphs. We can then contact you for further information if we need to. Your proposal could just be an idea – it does not need to be a worked up project.
Please send the information to Sidmouth Town Council by e-mail at or you can hand it in to the Council Offices at Woolcombe House, or post it to Sidmouth Town Clerk, Sidmouth Town Council, Woolcombe House, Woolcombe Lane, Sidmouth, EX10 9BB. Please make sure it is clearly marked ‘Sports Money Idea’. Once the Town Council has received the proposals, Sidmouth residents will be given a chance to look at all the ideas and vote on them. The ones that gain the most votes are where the money will be spent.