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2014 AGM news

The public meeting brought together people to come up with ideas in response to the Town Council invitation

As part of the AGM business of the meeting the following officers were duly elected for the year 2014-15:

  • Chair: Dave Bramley
  • Secretary: Rita Hedley
  • Treasurer: Jean Twibell
  • PR and Publicity: Liz Bramley

SidEnergy Share Offer Launch

  • Joel Venn gave a brief overview of SidEnergy and its aims, along with explaining that SidEnergy has now been established formally as an Industrial Provident Society and approved as such by the Financial Services Authority. The overall purpose comprises sustainable energy projects and energy efficiency projects with benefits to the whole community.
  • At the meeting SidEnergy launched its Membership Share Offer (£1 per share with a minimum of ten shares needing to be purchased), which entitles the purchaser to be come a member with voting rights. For more information, see
  • Currently, SidEnergy is running feasibility studies, which – if positive – will result in projects, which will then be funded separately through share offers, grants and such.
  • The evening provided the first opportunity to purchase shares at the SidEnergy stand

The rest of the evening was dedicated to generating and ranking ideas of improving Sidmouth further, and they will be forwarded to the Town Council.