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2014 Cycling: Sustrans publishes Sidmouth to Feniton study

The cycling organisation Sustrans has put together a proper feasibility study for the proposed walking/cycling route from Sidmouth to Feniton

There has been a lot of frustration about the slow progress when it comes to putting cycle tracks on the ground:

Congratulations, Devon County Council, on your continued commitment to sustainable transport.
But what about EDDC’s Draft Local Plan?

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However, meanwhile, a lot of work has been going on ‘behind the scenes’…

The cycling organisation Sustrans has put together a proper feasibility study for the proposed walking/cycling route from Sidmouth to Feniton:
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Study assesses feasibility for new route from Sidmouth to Feniton

25 April 2014
A feasibility study has been published looking at the possibility of developing a walking and cycling route from Sidmouth to Feniton.
The concept of the 16km multi-use route has been around for many years but has now been explored in more detail.
The study has been produced following a community meeting last year which highlighted the need for the report as part of the legacy work of the construction of Coleridge Bridge in Ottery St Mary, which opened to the public in August 2011.
The concept of a trail broadly follows the line of a dismantled railway and takes in Tipton St John and Ottery St Mary although the study reviews a number of route options. Many sections of the old railway line have been built on, and 28 private landowners have so far been identified along route options.
We have also assessed the benefits and challenges of developing a multi-use trail across East Devon, at an estimated construction cost of around £1.4 million, although the provision of a bridge over the A3052 at Bowd which is desirable would potentially double the construction costs.
Any possible route would have to be delivered in sections over a number of years and would serve around 26,000 residents. The aim would be to develop a route that is convenient, safe, accessible and attractive, in order to provide local communities with a realistic alternative to the car to encourage people to travel by foot, cycle or horse. It could potentially generate around £600,000 per year of additional spending in the area from cycling visitors.
Paul Hawkins, Devon Area Manager for Sustrans, said:
“The East Devon countryside is a beautiful experience on foot and cycle, and the concept of linking up these communities with a safe route is very appealing and would provide both tourism and local commuting benefits. Delivery of a whole route would be complex, involve many stakeholders and take many years, but with careful planning sections of the route could be delivered to the benefit of local communities.”
Devon County Council is committed to investing in cycling and has both encouraged and enabled around a 15% growth in average daily cycle trips across the whole county over the past five years.
Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Highway Management, said:
“This report is useful in highlighting future possibilities, but it has to be remembered that this trail is a long term ambition rather than something which can be achieved overnight. A lot of work would have to be done to make this scheme a reality.
“Devon is a leading authority when it comes to cycling, and we have demonstrated in recent years that we have become a premier destination for cycling tourism. We’ve been successful in getting more people cycling in Devon which can benefit people of all ages and abilities.”
Councillor Claire Wright, Devon County Councillor for Ottery St Mary Rural, said: “The production of a the feasibility study, which Paul Hawkins worked really hard on, is a really important step forward. I look forward to moving the Ottery section of the project forward with the help of the Otter Trail group and other members of the community.”

Study assesses feasibility for new route from Sidmouth to Feniton | Sustrans

1 comment:
Peter Bending on 28 April 2014 at 8:43 pm said:

I do hope this come to fruition, although, if it takes as long as the Exe valley trail I may not be able to cycle all of it in one go.It would a wonderful legacy for our youngsters

Study explores multi-use trail linking Sidmouth to Feniton | News centre

Photograph. Kirby Jones: Part of the old railway line between Feniton and Ottery.

1. At 11:26 am on 29th Apr Gavin Jones wrote:

Re the Sustrans route, the Bowd crossing could easily be accommodated by ‘on demand only’ lights which would benefit pedestrians also and would not appreciably disrupt motor traffic (unlike other crossings which automatically allow for pedestrians even if there aren’t any!).

Otter Trail cycleway feasibility study completed – Claire Wright