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2014 How would you improve Sidmouth?

The Town Council asked residents for ideas and the public responded with the following

The results below generated at a recent public meeting organised by the Vison Group, are ranked in descending order of popularity, with the most popular one on top as number 1.



Cycle Path from Sidmouth to Feniton


This would attract visitors, especially families, as well as being useful for residents. Cost not known.


Similar cycle paths established by Sustrans have had demonstrable economic benefits to the communities they connect and serve.


As well as serving the local community, it is thought that the cycle way will attract a new and wider demographic given that Sidmouth already has a reputation as an attractive tourist venue.


High but funding could help to set the foundations for further planning and fund raising



To enable visitors to get on and off boats, and thus to enable tourist and other boats to call in at Sidmouth, along with providing and alternative means of transport for the residents, to other coastal towns. Cost not known.
Drill Hall refurbishment


Those present wished to see the Drill Hall used for community activities and to provide a focal point for eastern town. For more information, see ,  , Cost not known.
Trees to embellish the Ham Car Park


Visual improvement to a local eye sore. Trees could be planted in large ‘mobile’ containers around the edges of the car park to enhance it visually. (This would avoid expensive digging up of the car park). Drawing enclosed. Lower cost (£0 to £10,000)
A butterfly farm


To provide a wet weather attraction for tourists and locals everyone. Cost not known.
A Pedestrian Friendly Fore Street


Widen the pavements to facilitate pedestrian traffic in the street. Cost not known.
Picnic Area


Transform the area around the old disused pumping station and old paddling pool into a picnic area with better landscaping and picnic tables. Lower cost (£0 to £10,000)
Street furniture


Harmonise Sidmouth street furniture and signage over time to create a cohesive theme for Sidmouth. (eg.Lyme Regis’ fossil theme). Design a theme and continue to implement it as street furniture needs renewing. Lower cost (£0 to £10,000) to reflect initial design costs.


Create fountain/s in Sidmouth public places and gardens. Lower cost (£0 to £10,000)
Superfast broadband


For outlying villages. Cost not known.
Cleaning more


Better cleaning of Sidmouth public spaces.  Lower cost (£0 to £10,000) but on-going.
Survey visitors


Conduct a survey to find out what visitors to Sidmouth would like to see. Lower cost (£0 to £10,000)
An indoor wet weather area

somewhere! The idea was a bit vague!