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2014 Sidenergy launches share offer

The offer was launched at the VGS Annual General Meeting

SidEnergy Share Offer Launch

  • SidEnergy has now been established formally as an Industrial Provident Society and approved as such by the Financial Services Authority. The overall purpose comprises sustainable energy projects and energy efficiency projects with benefits to the whole community.
  • At the meeting on 18 June 2014 SidEnergy launched its Membership Share Offer (£1 per share with a minimum of ten shares needing to be purchased), which entitles the purchaser to be come a member with voting rights. For more information, see
  • Currently, SidEnergy is running feasibility studies, which – if positive – will result in projects, which will then be funded separately through share offers, grants and such.
  • The evening provided the first opportunity to purchase shares at the SidEnergy stand

For more news, see the SidEnergy website.