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2015 Latest on Trees…

The week of 28th November to 6th December is Tree Week

The Futures Forum blog has run a lot of pieces on the theme of trees over the last month:
Sidmouth Tree Summit: reporting on the benefits of trees
Protecting trees in East Devon: District Council Tree committee a year on
Devon Hedge Group >>> free event at the Donkey Santuary >>> ‘Firewood from Hedges and Hedge-Laying’ >>> Thursday 17th December
The Woodland Trust and its Very Important Trees >>> coming to Sidmouth’s ‘tree summit’ Friday 27th November
Devon Hedge Group >>> in Sidmouth Fri 27th November
State of Nature … and paving paradise
Arboretum @ Dissenter of Sidmouth >>> planting a rose and a fig in the memorial garden
i-Tree surveys in Sidmouth, Torbay and London >>> and how they can help us chose which trees to plant
Take a walk in the forest
The Oak @ Natural Histories on BBC Radio 4
The urban tree canopy
Valuing trees: the cost of replacing the Sid Valley’s trees
Green cities: Good health
Sidmouth Arboretum @ Sidmouth Science Festival >>> “What have trees ever done for us?” >>> launch of valley-wide tree survey >>> Weds 14th October
Landscaping for Health: inspiring projects in the south-west
Living in a Greener Urban Area

This week is a very important week for trees in the UK:
National Tree Week: 5 reasons why trees are surprisingly good for you – BT
BBC – Earth – 11 of Britain’s most legendary trees
Even smaller gardens can root for native trees this National Tree Week | Western Daily Press

The Tree Council

40th Anniversary National Tree Week

Saturday 28th November – Sunday 6th December
The strength and wellbeing of urban and rural communities alike is rooted in its trees. Strong healthy trees are a mark of a strong healthy community, and to continue to grow strong together, it’s essential for communities to keep on planting trees.

This is why, each winter, The Tree Council inspires thousands of people across Britain to join forces and plant upwards of a million trees during National Tree Week – the UK’s largest tree festival.

Launched in 1975, National Tree Week is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

The campaign has its roots in the national response to the Dutch Elm Disease crisis of the 1960s, which destroyed millions of trees. Communities across the UK answered the call to help replenish their depleted treescapes by taking part in the groundbreaking Plant a Tree in ‘73 initiative. Following the campaign’s success, The Tree Council was founded and the first ever National Tree Week took place two years later.

40 years on, and we are once again facing a major threat to our trees in the form of ash dieback. To stem the damage to our landscapes and neighbourhoods, it is more essential than ever that we grow more trees in our parks, streets, woods and green spaces.

Tree planting activities and workshops are taking place around the country organised by schools, community groups, The Tree Council’s member organisations and its volunteer Tree Wardens. Details can be found on The Tree Council’s interactive ‘Near You’ map, while tips for hosting an event and a downloadable poster to promote it are also available via the website.

‘With forty years of successful growth behind it, National Tree Week has become firmly rooted in the calendar of hundreds of community groups around the UK,’ said Pauline Buchanan Black, Director-General of The Tree Council. ‘To mark the 40th anniversary of this important campaign, we want to celebrate Britain’s rich heritage of tree-planting and applaud the commitment of communities that really value their trees.’

The Tree Council > Press & News > National Tree Week – Nov 2015

With a comparison from forty years ago:

– National Tree Week press release 1975