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2016 Sidmouth Beach Management Plan

Your views on potential solutions would be appreciated

The Sidmouth Beach Management Project is now beginning to look at two distinct types of solution for managing the beach. It would be helpful to Jo Frith, who represents the Vision Group on the BMP Steering Group, if she could have opinions as to which type of solution people think most appropriate for the long term future of Sidmouth. There is no guarantee that this is what would be installed, but she would like the Consultants’ appraisal to consider more than just cost, effectiveness and feasibility. She would like the people of Sidmouth to be given the opportunity to voice an opinion about the long-term look of Sidmouth’s beaches.

The two different approaches are

  1. To install one or more extra rock groynes along the beach, including to the east of the river. These groynes would be hammer headed to enclose more shingle in each bay. The waves would then beat against the shingle beach more that the sea wall.
  2. To install a necklace of semi-submerged islands or reefs off shore. These would run from the end of the existing islands in a curve until the last one is lying close alongside the beach of east cliff. The current rock groynes would be removed. This should lead to a number of sandy tombolos forming between the reefs and the shore and should, in the long term, lead to a good sandy beach with a shingle bank behind it to protect the sea wall. The sea should be much calmer close to shore.

Jo has illustrated these options on the attached Google Earth pictures.

If you would like to let Jo know your views on these two different approaches, then email her at

Option 1 – Hammer Head Groynes

Option 2 – Reefs