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2017 Plans for Port Royal, updated input from VGS

latest on the Scoping Study

A posting from a couple of days ago summarised where we’re at with the Scoping Study:
Futures Forum: Plans for Port Royal: anticipating a Regeneration Board >> consultants meet Scoping Study Reference Group and start gathering evidence

The consultants have been given the Vision Group’s Community Engagement Brief of 2012 – a report which was in fact already started in 2008:
Vision Group for Sidmouth – Community Engagement Brief

A newer, updated set of evidence has just been submitted to the consultants from the Vision Group:
Evidence submitted for the Port Royal Scoping Study – vgs – feb17.pdf

This considers several areas of interest, including a summary of the ‘facts and figures’ (with fresh information not available in 2012), a look at the historic issues and consideration of the options (many of which are clearly less viable than five years ago):

Local Plan: 30 homes

Mixed Development

Port Royal Steering Group

Who owns what

Eastern Town then and now

Neighbourhood Plan

Beach Management Plan and Alma Bridge

Lifeboat Station

Sailing Club

Fish Shop

Drill Hall



Waterborne transport and a jetty


Tidal Reef



Cycle Path

Car park