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Newton Poppleford protests over ‘unfair’ and ‘crazy’ bus ticket prices

  • by JW

Across the Channel, something is being done to get a truly ‘sustainable transport system’:

The Dunkirk spirit: how free buses are revolutionising one French city

But in the UK we don’t seem to be doing too well:

Fall in local UK bus journeys to 12-year low


And in Newton Poppleford, people were making very clear what they think:

Protests over ‘unfair’ and ‘crazy’ bus ticket prices

“A ticket for school children in North Devon costs £180, if you want to get one here it’s £324. It used to be £1 for a child to travel with an adult and just before the summer holidays, they raised it to £4.80 to go from here to Sidmouth. So it’s almost a factor of five increase of the price.”

“A lot of new houses are going in on the affordability and sustainability so there should be buses that are affordable ‘but that’s just not the case.”


Protests over ‘unfair’ and ‘crazy’ bus ticket prices