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On automation, demographic change and the climate crisis

  • by JW

There is a lot of fear about ‘the robots taking over’:

Futures Forum: Automation and the future of work > How secure are East Devon’s new warehousing jobs?


There is also a lot of, justified, concern about how we are going to take care of our ageing population:

Futures Forum: “Without any plan to tackle the financial crisis in the social care system, it’s hard to see how the vision in this 10 year NHS plan can be achieved.”


And today saw the younger generations show very justified concern about the most pressing issue of our time:

Another student climate change protest in Exeter is happening today




Maybe this is a way out:

Futures Forum: The future of work: “Capitalism will abolish laundry day” >>> or: “Fully Automated Luxury Communism”


Here’s an interview just out today:



Aaron Bastani interview: Robots are going to take your job – and that’s a good thing