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Projects to bring down our carbon footprint

  • by JW

“Just think how much we could save if the whole population of 60+ million managed to stop wasting electricity.”



The town council has sponsored an infra-red camera:

Is Your House Leaking Heat? – free thermal scans in Sidmouth – Vision Group for Sidmouth

This is part of the environment working group’s look at our carbon footprint:

Low Carbon Town 

Carbon Footprint Project 

Sidmouth Town Council’s Environment Working Group were working with Exeter university on ways to get unengaged members of the community to be more engaged in the Environmental agenda. They were attempting to get people to look at their carbon footprint individually possibly using incentives and peer pressure to do this. Such a bottom-up approach across Sidmouth would be different to elsewhere and could allow a more accurate estimation of the impact of any interventions made. An update would be given at the next meeting. 

Infrared Camera Project 

Sidmouth Town Council had purchased an infrared camera and would be offering residents in the Sidmouth area the chance to have infrared photos of their homes so they can see where they are losing heat. No specific advice would be given but residents could independently look at improving their homes saving money and reducing their carbon footprint.


There are other issues for the working group to consider – such as encouraging us to waste less energy.


A correspondent has sent in a link to a piece about how ‘vampire appliances are sucking your cash’:

How 23% of your electricity bill may come from devices you aren’t using

Vampire electrical appliances sucking cash from your bank account | Daily Mail Online

The correspondent continues:

“Just think how much we could save if the whole population of 60+ million managed to stop wasting electricity. It is also about other stuff I have seen recently such as a 5 option choice question about what uses most power, people didn’t know that things with a motor …. like vacuum cleaners … used more energy than cookers.”

8 Devices That Use More Energy Than You Think – Oliver Heating & Cooling

With a very full consideration of these from OVO Energy:

Average Electricity Usage in the UK: How Many kWh Does Your Home Use? | OVO Energy

And there are indeed lots of ways to cut down on energy use:

We’ve gathered 14 of the easiest energy-saving tips typically used in energy-efficient homes, so you can tick them off your list and start saving.
1. Get your boiler serviced
2. Draught proof your home
3. Reset the boiler timer
4. Draw the curtains
5. Insulate your home
6. Turn down thermostat
7. Install a smart thermostat
8. Clear your radiators
9. Take appliances off standby
10. Fit energy-efficient light bulbs
11. Reduce bath volume and shower time
if you heat water with electricity, don’t keep topping up the bath.
12. Wash clothes at 30 degrees
13. Use the kettle to boil water for cooking
if you have an electric hob.
14. Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need

14 energy saving tips for the home | Living by HomeServe


And of course, we can also install some solar panels – but it’s proving difficult to find any, and not just because over the rush following events in eastern Europe:

Demand for British solar panels spikes over Chinese slave labour fears | The Independent

And they do cost a fair bit:

Solar panels: a ray of hope as UK energy prices go through the roof | Money | The Guardian

But there might be more help on the way:

Grants for solar panels – what Government help is available? | Ideal Home