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Questions for Earth Day

  • by JW

How can we ‘Invest In Our Planet’?


Questions for Earth Day:

Earth Day 2022: What is Earth Day, what is the theme, when do we celebrate, and Earth Day activities to try | The Scotsman

The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet – KIP OLE POLOS – (C) Studio Silverback – Photographer: screengrab

And a few more questions…

Can we invest our way into a greener future?

Earth Day 2022: UK investors slow on sustainable investing

The UK government has made its goals of net-zero carbon emissions clear, but the innovators of climate technology are developing solutions to help give the world a fighting chance to make these goals achievable. From electric vehicles to renewable energy, technology is playing an increasingly important role.

Earth Day: Five UK climate tech startups to watch

Can we shop our way into a more sustainable lifestyle?

Earth Day 2022: 5 ways to style your home more sustainably

While there’s no doubt that sustainability should always be front of mind, Earth Day is still an important annual event for raising awareness of the plight of our planet.
Of course, every purchase we make should be done responsibly and mindfully; we know that shopping from conscious brands, embracing circular fashion, and opting for rental on special occasions can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

10 fashion brands on how we can work together this Earth Day

Can artists help us make a real contribution to change?

No Music On A Dead Planet release new EP for Earth Day

This year, James are among some of music’s biggest names joining Brian Eno’s UK and US-based charity EarthPercent – supported by leading music industry executives and climate scientists – to celebrate Earth Day on 22 April with a new initiative.

‘Nature has a fever and we are the cause’: Meet the musicians taking action on Earth Day 2022 | The Independent

Can we “save our pocket… and the planet”:

Seven simple ways you can slash your bills AND save the planet on Earth Day – Mirror Online

Can we make use of the resources and technology that already exist?

For young activists like me, Earth Day means not giving up hope | The Independent

And can we celebrate what has been achieved since 1970?

It’s Earth Day today, a good opportunity to look at mankind’s amazing environmental progress. But good news tends to be treated like a dirty secret: in her recent column, my colleague Mary Wakefield wrote how a ‘dark green’ orthodoxy of negativity is being taught in schools, with kids encouraged to think thinks are bad and getting worse.

So what went right? MIT’s Andrew McAffee devotes a chapter to Earth Day in his book More From Less. We’re learning to tread more lightly on the planet, he argues: instead of abandoning economic growth as was advocated on 1970 Earth Day we have done something more profound: uncoupled economic growth from the use of resources. In a way that was seen to be impossible by the founding fathers of the environmentalist movement. I was struck by figures in his book and wanted to see how far his arguments apply to the UK. Some of the results are below: they’re odd metrics, not ones you often see quoted. But they’re pretty amazing, and show how we’re using less of the earth’s resources in spite of a far-bigger population and economy.

Earth Day – and the untold story of environmental progress | The Spectator