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Restart Project: June newsletter

  • by JW

6 things you can do for a repairable future


There are moves to increase the ‘right to repair’:

New ‘right to repair’ laws – but could they be ‘more ambitious’? – Vision Group for Sidmouth


The Restart Project lobbies to make this a reality – and to promote the fixing of stuff:

The Restart Project – The Right to Repair and Reuse Your Electronics


Here’s the latest edition of their newsletter, full of upcoming community repair events and news:


The Restart Project

Dear friend,

Pushing for change can be complicated. Repair needs to be part of the greener, fairer future we all want. But getting there can be complicated and there’s usually more than one thing we can do to make progress.

So this month, I’m going to break all the rules of newsletter-writing; this is now a ‘choose your own adventure’ situation.

No matter where you are in your own journey with repair, there’s something you can learn, do, or share to take that next step. Here are some options:

The hidden cost of our gadgets 🕵️
Read about our investigation into the hidden environmental impact of our devices, and how repair can help.
How are smartphones made? ⛏
Play our interactive story about the life of a smartphone. Suitable for kids aged 8+, best on a tablet or computer.
Sign our petition! 📝
We’re nearing 2,000 signatures on our petition calling on the UK government for a real Right to Repair. Add your voice if you haven’t already.
Help us make the case for more repairable tablets 📊
Try TabiCat, a fun activity to sort data about broken tablets from community events. We’ll use what we learn to influence future legislation. No expertise needed.
Do you have experience fixing battery-powered devices? 🔋
The European Right to Repair campaign wants to hear from you. Share your experience with batteries in their online survey.
Spread the word ✉️
Send this email or any of the links above to your friends, colleagues or other networks. Together we can achieve more! If you’ve received this from a friend, feel free to sign up too.

Happy adventuring!

– James and the whole Restart Project team


If we’ve inspired you on your repair journey, please consider supporting our work.

As a small charity, we punch above our weight and have big plans for the future. Help us continue to inspire, educate and campaign by giving what you can. Thank you.



Upcoming Events

While many community repair groups are still unable to run in-person events, some are now resuming.

19 June
9:30am-2pm BST
Fixit Clinc and Repair Café Malmö are back with another Fixit Intergalactic online repair event. Registration is required – learn more here.
Portsmouth, UK
19 June
10:30am-1pm BST
Repair Café Portsmouth are back with their first in-person event of the year. Booking is required – learn more here.
See all upcoming events

Need repair advice?

Ask the community for repair help by tagging @restartproject on Twitter or Instagram or by posting in our forum. Repairers from across the network are on hand to offer advice and support.

Help us push for more repairable tablets

We want to understand why tablets fail, so that we can tell policymakers how future models can be made easier to repair.

So we launched TabiCat, a fun opportunity to analyse data on over 900 broken tablets.
Do you have 2 minutes to help out?

Your impact so far

24,387 kg
Waste prevented
(+27 kg since last month)
362,188 kg
CO2 emissions prevented
(+80 kg since last month)
Note: increases this month are mostly a result of data being uploaded from past events.Want to boost the network’s impact?
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