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Results of Town Council elections

  • by JW

And now the results of the Town Council elections are in, as reported by the Herald:


Sidmouth Town Council RESULT:
Primley: Deirdre Hounsom (uncontested), Emma Murdoch (uncontested), Jeff Turner (uncontested);
Sidbury: John Loudoun (uncontested);
Sidmouth West: Louise Cole (uncontested);
Salcombe Regis: Ian Barlow (277 votes) , David Barratt (321);
Sidmouth East: Louise Thompson (166 votes);
North: Charissa Evans (357 votes), Stuart Hughes (354 votes), Dawn Manley (404 votes), Jenny Ware (358 votes);
Sidford Village: Jack Brokenshire (209 votes) and Marianne Rixson (328 votes); 
South: Denise Bickley (790 votes), Kelvin Dent (914 votes), Christopher Lockyear (552 votes), John Rayson (329 votes) and Paul Wright (448 votes).

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