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Rural communities and the coronavirus

  • by JW

The issues and implications for rural people and businesses.


The Rural Services Network has a regular weekly update on things related to the current crisis from the perspective of life in the country – and offers examples of “our rural communities pulling together”:


COVID-19 - Rural Communities Pulling Together (Week 4)



And it republishes stories of interest to rural communities, for example:


The Evening Standard published a study which has predicted significantly higher levels of COVID-19 fatalities in rural locations due to larger ageing populations

Coronavirus death rates ‘could be 80% higher in rural communities’



Fresh analysis from the RSA, based on the latest furloughing data from the ONS and the jobs profile for each local authority, gives a new, up-to-date, robust and localised insight into which areas of Great Britain are set to be most and least affected by economic insecurity

Coastal and rural areas dominate the top 20 areas which are affected with large hospitality and tourism sectors a key contributor to an increased risk factor.

– Read the full article produced by the RSA here


The Rural Services network, alongside other members of the Rural Coalition, have written to George Eustice (Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) to warn against Government applying a rigid one-size-fits-all approach for getting Britain back to work.

Instead, it is suggested any strategy must consider the implications for rural people and businesses and also should ensure the full engagement of local communities, local business leaders and local government is in its planning and implementation.

A full copy of this letter can be downloaded here and also read below: