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Sarah Allen of Exmouth suggests… we buy less stuff!

  • by JW

A month ago, Transition Exmouth held its AGM – with “Local zero-waste celebrity Sarah Allen” as guest:

Transition Exmouth’s AGM – 22 September


Here is an update from TE’s latest newsletter:


Sarah’s 7Rs

To be blunt: we all talk about it but Sarah actually does it so take some leaves out of her book. Here is the link to Sarah Allen’s blog on the subject of reducing waste:

How I reduced our rubbish to (almost) nothing (well about a 10th full every 3 weeks, but that’s not so catchy!!).

We are all familiar with the 4Rs but here is Sarah’s 7Rs take on that mnemonic: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Rot, Recycle, Return.

After our AGM. Sarah agreed to my publishing her notes so here is her 2nd inspiring instalment, on REDUCE:

I buy less stuff! This came naturally from trying to reduce rubbish, thinking about everything I bought and what I would do with the packaging = Do I really need it???

Now I buy only the food I need so there is less food waste. I buy very few clothes, in fact very little of anything. This means that I have more money for important things like going on courses and sponsoring people to do great things. Our house is getting less cluttered rather than more cluttered = happiness!

Thanks Sarah

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