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Saving water with the houses of tomorrow

  • by JW

“Water-efficient homes: How to save water”


The District Council’s draft Local Plan is out for consultation – and any comments have to be in by this Sunday 15th! Draft Local Plan Consultation – East Devon

There’s a fair amount on ‘water’ in the plan: commonplace-reg-18-final-071122.pdf

But, despite the emphasis on building housing, there’s nothing on making new homes more sustainable when it comes to water use.

Today the Mail shows us what can be done – together with a very handy graphic:

Is this the eco future of Britain’s homes? Flush using rain, ‘blue’ roofs to trap water and porous drives that don’t flood… welcome to the houses of tomorrow

  • The changes could be introduced as early as next year in a bid to save water
  • Plant-covered rooftops, ponds and water butts could also be made mandatory
  • It comes as UK summers are expected to get increasingly dry

Is this the eco future of Britain’s homes? Flush using rain and ‘blue’ roofs to trap water | Daily Mail Online

The housing industry is keen: Future Homes Hub – Have your say about Your Involvement

Granted, it can be a bit confusing: Eco Houses: What Types of Green Homes are There? | Homebuilding

But it does seem to be a good investment: Eco-homes become hot property in UK’s zero-carbon ‘paradigm shift’ | Architecture | The Guardian

In the meantime, we can do our bit – and save a bit of money too: 25 Ways To Save Water at Home – Green Eco Friend

Although we can’t all build or buy new it can be useful to look at how it should be done : Water Efficient Homes: How to Save Water – Build It