Self-build housing for Sidmouth

Projects around the country:

The Welsh government is keen on self-build:

Self Build – Wales | GOV.WALES

£210m Self Build Fund in Wales Announced – Build It


Projects in East Devon:

Perhaps the new councils in Sidmouth and East Devon are also keen…

This is an updated entry from the VGS Futures Forum blog:


A solution to our housing problems: self-build and custom-build in East Devon

On the Continent, building your own home is very common:
Modern timber-frame architecture in wood and glass: – HUF HAUS
Diary of a house build near Munich – Life in Munich – Toytown Germany

And there are some interesting projects in the States:
Futures Forum: On zoning, self-build and affordable housing … relaxed planning laws in the United States

More interest has been bubbling up in the UK about the ‘self-build’ option:
Futures Forum: A solution to our housing problems … the Walter Segal self-build …
Futures Forum: A solution to our housing problems: self-build in Devon

And the government has promised to make it easier:
Futures Forum: Self-build: latest government initiative
Futures Forum: Self-build: making it easier

Looking at East Devon, the District Council is doing its bit to help:
Self-build and custom build – East Devon
East Devon – Local Self Build Register

And there is a place for self-build in planning:
Self-build should be incorporated into local housing plans, consultancy says

The Self Build Portal – The Gateway to more Self and Custom Build Homes

Especially in Neighbourhood Planning:
Land Release Schemes for Self Builders |

Futures Forum: A solution to our housing problems: self-build and custom-build in East Devon


Potential projects in Sidmouth:

The Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan includes self-build:

referendum version of the Neighbourhood Plan



Community Action HO 01: Self-build homes will be supported, especially when locally-tied and affordable
Community Action HO 02: The use of locally sourced materials will be encouraged where possible
Community Action HO 03: Community-led housing projects will be encouraged

Community Actions appendix to the plan

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