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Shock government report: the traditional cream tea is full of sugar, fat and calories!

  • by JW

The cream tea season will soon be upon us – and clearly has to be jam on top of clotted cream.

However, as reported by the Western Morning News…


Health warning issued over cream teas by the government due to higher sugar and fat contents


Food Standards Agency had conducted a thorough survey on scones and discovered a large variation in sugar, fat, and calorie content on these sweet treats – some amounted to ten sugar cubes. The data report caused an alarm on the said government agency and placed a health warning on taking these foods. 

The traditional Devon and Cornwall treat a cream tea has been rolling around the region and had eager participants to get a good bite on these treats. However, the said government agency was alarmed of the results on the nutritional content report produced in partnership with the local county councils. These reports indicate high amounts of calories, sugar, and types of fat that could endanger the required nutritional diet of a person. The principal environmental health officer, Emily Latimer, had reported on how raspberry and white chocolate luxury scones contain the highest amount of fat, at 22.7g of fat, and a fruit scone, which holds the largest sugar content at 720kcal and 39.2g of sugar, almost ten sugar cubes, and were as sugary as a Coca Cola. 

The local government and the Agency had been promoting the Know Your Calories campaign that aims to educate consumers on computing calories and recommended intake by looking at the calorie information found at the back of the product labels. Consumers were taught about staying on a balanced diet and following the regulations of calorie intake where excess calories can turn into unwanted fats if not burned regularly. The Agency reminded that for optimal functionality, a man requires 2,500kcal and a woman requires 2,000kcal. An excess would bring stored fats around your body and may lead to complications, especially with the circulatory system. 

Although the government did not cancel or suspend the traditional cream teas treat, they continue to warn consumers on the level of calories, fats, and sugar you can get when eating this food without any exercise. 

And reported on Devon Live too