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Sidmouth heritage: Sidholme Hotel

  • by JW

The built environment is all about what a place looks like in terms of its buildings, architecture and man-made infrastructure – and we need to both get it right for the future:

Our ‘built environment’ matters

Getting housing design right

And we need to look after what we’ve got:

East Devon’s local heritage list


The new Built Heritage pages on the Vision Group website are part of that wider picture of the built environment – and they include this latest reference:

Long-time Vision Group member Graham Cooper’s website has links to several heritage projects, including The Sidholme Hotel and his Drill Hall Refurbishment Studies

Built Environment


Here’s the opening page to the new leaflet Graham has produced – and click on the link below for the full piece:

Sidholme- An Introduction to the Architecture


Meanwhile, in terms of natural environment, the Sidmouth Arboretum has been active in the grounds of the hotel:

Sidmouth: Meet the Trees garden visits

Sidmouth Arboretum holds tree identification event for primary school