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Sidmouth homes to be protected from flooding

  • by JW

There was bad surface flooding a couple of years ago in Sidmouth:

Sidmouth’s flood risk plan gets council approval

A flood plan for Sidmouth


The County Council is going to spend serious money on trying to alleviate the risk:

£800k scheme to protect Sidmouth from ‘very real threat of flooding’ approved

£750k scheme to protect Sidmouth homes from flooding gets rubber stamp of approval


With more from Radio Exe:


Sidmouth homes to be protected from flooding

The County Council have approved the plans, at a cost of more than £750,000


Devon County Council’s cabinet on Wednesday morning backed the Sidmouth Surface Water Improvement Scheme which will reduce the risk of surface water flooding to over 100 homes and businesses in the town.

The scheme involves the construction of a new and larger drainage system in the town centre that will divert surface water directly into the River Sid and the construction of an earth dam which will act as a surface water storage area at The Knowle.


Sidmouth homes to be protected from flooding