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Sidmouth Hopeful Volunteers Investment Club: public talk: 27th February

  • by JW

“Investing in uncertain times”

Have you heard of the Sidmouth Hopeful Volunteers Investment Club – otherwise known as HVIC? With an interesting if sanguine report from the chair a year on from the 2008 financial crash: 

“When the bubble burst, any profit was soon lost, bit in later years the markets improved and members enjoyed good returns until about 12 months ago when thing again started to go belly up. Having said that, our unit value went up nearly 10 per cent last month, so perhaps things are on the move again.”

Two years ago, the group the Sidmouth stock market investment club celebrated its 21st anniversary 

The club invests its members’ monthly subscriptions and also runs a ‘light-hearted’ investment competition and a social programme. It uses Hargreaves Lansdown as its online stockbroker and evening portfolio management meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month. It is registered with HMRC. Membership is limited, but there are places currently available and anyone can join regardless of investment experience.

A HVIC member has just got in touch with the VGS (also a VGS member!) to invite those interested to join in an event later this month:

Over the years the number of members has varied between 13 and 19. Members come from all walks of life. We are not all “bankers”: indeed there have been only two so called bankers in the Group’s history. Over the years we have had members from all walks of life, Members make suggestions for the purchase (and sale) of shares at each meeting. At most meetings we have 2 or 3 suggestions. We then take a vote. 

We have a few social events (including an Xmas dinner), but not all members participate in the social events. The event on 27 Feb is unusual (and a one off), and is being held because we hope to attract a few new members.

With the poster of the Hopeful Volunteers Investment Club at Kennaway house here: