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Supermarkets helping out with food waste

  • by JW

… what to do with left-overs at home


It’s easy to blame supermarkets for wasting food:

 Supermarkets wasting 200,000 tonnes of food that could go to needy, say charities | Supermarkets | The Guardian

But, As the Mirror reported yesterday, households are still throwing away huge amounts of food:

Most commonly-binned food items from British kitchens – bread and bananas top list – Mirror Online

We can do great things with left-overs:

Lisa Faulkner’s top money saving tips include meal planning and freezing leftovers – Wales Online

Supermarkets are offering tips to shoppers meanwhile:

Mum feeds family of five for £65 a week from Asda using spreadsheet hack – Devon Live

Sainsbury’s urges shoppers to freeze EGGS which can extend their shelf life | Daily Mail Online

Including recipes for those left-overs:

Clever ways to use up leftovers | Tesco Real Food

Leftovers Recipes | Tesco Food – YouTube

For example:

Six ways to use up leftover bread
From bread and butter pudding to treacle tart, some of our favourite dishes have been born from stale bread. And yet, bread is the UK’s most wasted food – 900,000 tonnes of it is wasted every year, about 24m slices every day! Read on for our top tips and tricks for ideas for using up your loaves.

Six ways to use up leftover bread | Tesco Real Food