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Support for Sidmouth business

  • by JW

East Devon MP is raising issues.

Chamber of Commerce: “We need to formulate plans for ensuring a speedy recovery once the virus is defeated.”


There is a lot of help out there for employers and businesses in Sidmouth:

Financial help and resilience: a guide for all


Although the picture is far from clear on several counts:

  • Furlough is not available to any employees who started their job after 28th February.
  • Insurance will not be paid to cover interruption of business if due to forced closure by the authorities.
  • £330k from the sale of the Fortfield hotel five years ago is still not forthcoming from EDDC for investment to promote tourism in Sidmouth.

These and other concerns were raised at a meeting conducted via Zoom between East Devon’s MP Simon Jupp and members of the Sidmouth Chamber last week – as reported in the Herald. Mr Jupp has voiced some disappointment – and has promised to follow up these issues:

MP hears business concerns at online meeting of Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce |


The Chamber’s home page has a lot of very useful information and links for local businesses:


Welcome to Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce

Coronavirus – Information for Members (see links at foot).  The overwhelming need is for everyone to stay safe and accede to government guidance and advice. Sidmouth has an elderly and therefore vulnerable population, so we as a community have to get together and do whatever we can to help our neighbours and provide assistance where required. Sidmouth has a sense of community and resilience that will stand us in good stead during these very difficult and troubling times.

The Chamber is obviously concerned for our business community, and there is no doubt that this will be an extremely challenging period for us all. We are particularly exposed to the economic situation, because Sidmouth is reliant upon tourism and our clientele is typically elderly. For our hotels and accommodation providers, the impact will be very severe indeed. This will also extend to our pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants, which form such an important component of our local economy.  The Chamber has been in contact with Simon Jupp, our MP, to discuss the situation, and with the Leaders of the Town and District Councils. We are urging specific measures to address the problems that local businesses face. This is a time for our local authorities to show a proactive, sympathetic and flexible approach towards the business community.

We are monitoring the crisis closely, and especially the impact upon our local economy. In particular, we need to formulate plans for ensuring a speedy recovery once the virus is defeated.

Link to EDDC small business grant support portal

You will need:-
The unique identifying PIN number sent to eligible businesses direct in your letter or email
Your business rate bill account number – an 8 digit number which you can find on your business rates bill.
Your details as registered rate payer
Your business details (including your VAT number if registered)
Your bank account details and a photo or PDF of a bank statement to upload

Government Business Support

Employment issues

Business Support

General Government information

Sidmouth Town Council

East Devon District Council –

Devon County Council Support

EDDC – Community Support Hub
EDDC launched a community support hub for those who want to volunteer to help in your local community or you are offering support on behalf of a community group, charity or organisation or for individuals who need support