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The Arboretum presents a Celebration of Trees

  • by JW

The annual gathering of tree groups comes to Kennaway House at the end of the month:

A Celebration of Trees

Here’s the programme for the evening:



Sidmouth Arboretum

6.30pm, Friday 30th November 2018

Cellar Bar, Kennaway House

The evening will open with a song from the Sid Vale Folk choir

Followed by a quick overview of what the Sidmouth Arboretum has been up to

Including a look at the Tree Dressing event from Saturday 24th November in the churchyard of St Giles and St Nicholas church at 4.30pm – where children and grandchildren were encouraged to put up a decoration on the yew tree by the path to Blackmore gardens

There will be several breaks throughout the evening, each of about 15 minutes

Guests, attendees, stall-holders and members of the public can help themselves to a sandwich; buy a drink from the bar; try out the fiendish tree quiz; and mingle

All should feel free to wander around to see what the stall-holders have on offer…

Including: Clinton Devon Estates, Devon Wildlife Trust, Friends of the Byes, Forestry Commission, Great Trees of the Clyst Valley, Sid Vale Association, Sid Valley Bat Research Project, Sidmouth Arboretum, Sidmouth Rotary Club, and Word Forest Project

There will also be gifts from local woodturners Diana and Martin Russell as well as local artist Cherry Ferris who will be demonstrating Pyrography on wood

The evening will have three talks/performances, each of about 10 minutes

John Wilding – Clinton Devon Estates

Tracey and Simon West – Word Forest of Lyme Regis

Jon Freeman – Great Trees of the Clyst Valley

There will be plenty of chairs for the audience

The talks/performances will be separated by breaks to allow for minglingand for further opportunities to enjoy the sandwiches and the bar – and the quiz

Throughout the evening, there will be further tree songs from Sid Vale Folk

We would aim to finish at 8.30 – with an announcement of the winner of the quiz and a thank you to all from the Sidmouth Arboretum.



Sidmouth Arboretum