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The cost of living/energy crisis

  • by JW

‘Hotspots’ in the West Country.

“Home insulation would save households hundreds of pounds on their energy bills.”


Friends of the Earth, like so many groups involved in climate change issues, have pointed out that the cost of living crisis and the energy crisis are one and the same:

People are really bearing the brunt of the cost of living crisis. On top of that, we’re also facing an energy crisis as energy prices continue to rise rapidly, threatening even more people ahead of winter. We share stories from those who’ve been hit disproportionately hard by rising bills, and outline the solutions we’re campaigning for.

What’s the real-life impact of the cost of living and energy crises? | Friends of the Earth

They are campaigning for proper insulation of housing:

Home insulation would save households hundreds of pounds on their energy bills. I want the government to act now and roll out a free nationwide home insulation programme that prioritises the most vulnerable.

Everyone deserves a warm home: demand action today | Friends of the Earth

The Observer notes that areas of the West Country are very vulnerable:

Residents in Birmingham, Bradford and Cornwall will be hit hardest by spiralling energy prices as the crisis threatens to deepen this week, a study has shown. The areas contain the largest number of “energy crisis hotspots”, where communities are at greatest risk of serious financial hardship as a result of unaffordable energy costs, according to Friends of the Earth. An analysis by the environmental group identified nearly 9,000 “hotspots” across England and Wales where energy use is high and typical household income is below the national average.

Study finds ‘hotspots’ in England and Wales at greatest risk from rising energy bills | Energy bills | The Guardian

And there are other repercussions:

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Finally, what do we mean by ‘fuel poverty’?

What is fuel poverty? UK definition explained | NationalWorld