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The debate around ‘ultra-processed foods’: shop fresh, shop local!

  • by JW

“Ways to Reduce Processed Foods And Cut Your Food Budget”

Shop local, shop fresh! Shop at Sidmouth’s local bakers!


There’s currently a lot of talk in the media about UPFs, which can be confusing to say the least: The debate around ‘ultra-processed foods’ – Vision Group for Sidmouth

With it being widely reported that the government is keen to get some clarity: UK Government Calls For Classification System to Define Ultra-Processed Foods

Meanwhile, if we want to cut down on our ultra-processed food, there are some things we can do.

Here’s a huge amount of advice on Mumsnet: Ultra processed food – help! | Mumsnet (last year) and UPF Discussion Thread | Mumsnet (last month)

We can tweak how we shop – for example: Easy ways to cut down processed food – Heart Foundation

We can shop more locally – as there have probably been fewer processes for the food to go through before it hits the shelf: 10 Reasons Buying Local is Great for You and the Planet – One Green Planet

We can actually save some money – with some tips here: 7 Ways to Reduce Processed Foods And Cut Your Food Budget | by Danielle Cousin | In Fitness And In Health | Medium

A good example of how we shop, where we shop and how much we need to spend would be buying our daily bread:

Most supermarket bread uses the Chorleywood bread process which speeds up the process but requires the addition of stuff to make it work. I’m pretty sure this process is used in most of western Europe and North America now. Small bakeries are less likely to use it, and sourdough and rye breads are least likely to be made that way. Here in the UK there is a campaign with a handy map of bakeries that make bread the ‘real’ way. You may need to ask your bakery how they make their bread. Is it true that bread sold in bakeries is not UPF? : r/ultraprocessedfood

We’re very lucky to have several sources of locally-baked bread in the Sid Valley:

Great loaves and the like from VINNICOMBES, Sidmouth – Restaurant Reviews & Phone Number – Tripadvisor

And from its shops both on Fore Street and in Woolbrook, The Upper Crust, Sidmouth | Bakeries – Yell

Great sourdough from Browns Kitchen Bakery | Sidmouth Devon

And a good selection of ‘real bread’ from Ganesha: Buy Organic Wholefoods Online in The UK

Not forgetting the fresh daily locally-baked bread in Sidbury, Drews Butchers in Sidbury

Because, as with so many of our habits, it’s often a question of lifestyle: Opinion: Cutting back on ultra processed food requires more than just a change to our diet