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The Energy Transition

  • by JW

One of the main issues of the Transition Town movement some ten years ago was ‘peak oil’ – that we’d be running out of the stuff pretty soon:

Futures Forum: Peak Oil… and the Transition Town movement


However, whatever the speculation there, it seems that what will see a decline in hydrocarbons is price:

Futures Forum: Peak oil: peak demand will happen before peak supply


So say the experts:

Renewable Energy Is Now The Cheapest Option – Even Without Subsidies | Forbes

Renewable energy milestone reached in 2019 | Financial Times


From the latest issue of the BBC’s Countryfile magazine:


How renewable energy is increasing in the UK

More of Britain’s electricity was generated from zero-carbon energy sources than fossil fuels last year, the first time this has happened since the Industrial Revolution. What is driving this transition to wind and other renewables – and how far can it go?

For the first time in history in 2019 more of the UK’s energy was generated by renewable or green energy sources. Our guide looks at how and why renewable energy has increased in Britain, plus current renewables subsidies available…

How renewable energy is increasing in the UK |


And on Radio 4 earlier today, we heard how the days of fossil fuels are numbered:

The World Turned Upside Down |


Welcome to the Energy Transition:

FT Guide: The Energy Transition | Financial Times


And it’s happening everywhere:

By Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung –, CC BY-SA 2.0,