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The ever-increasing growth of Repair Cafés

  • by JW

Next Sidmouth Repair Café – Saturday 29th July!


Simply google ‘news about repair cafés’ and you get hundreds of hits, just for the UK and just for this month!

The media is more and more interested in what now seems an obviously good idea – for example, from the craft magazine Prima on ‘How to fix damaged items for free and learn new skills’:

Instead of taking tired items to the dump or recycling centre, a new foundation called The Repair Cafe is opening its doors worldwide to offer the public an opportunity to fix and transform their lacklustre items with a group of specialist volunteers. The Repair Cafe – originally launched in Amsterdam by founder Martine Postma – is a free meeting place encouraging visitors to bring in their broken household items to fix themselves alongside volunteer repair experts.

It is a truly international effort – with the Repair Café organisation growing by the day.

And that includes the Sidmouth Repair Café – with a very active social media page and an even more active group of volunteers who meet up on the last Saturday of the month – including this coming Saturday 29th July.

So, if you have any item that needs a little tlc, bring it along for the team of fixers to help bring it back to life!

In the meantime, the Herald carries regular pieces on the Sidmouth Repair Café – if you’d like to do a search for more news about our local repair café!