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The low-tech wind turbine

  • by JW

“Having more control over your own hands-on environment.”


Wind turbines do not have to be massive – in size or in scale:

Wind power in East Devon


And on a small-scale, they can be very eco-friendly, whatever the misconceptions:

“Wind turbines create pollution and kill birds”


This evening, BBC Two took us to the remotest part of the Western Isles:



The off-grid community has certainly caught the imagination:

Hugh PIggott: “I live here because it is very beautiful and I like the off-grid lifestyle. It’s not about moral superiority – it’s more to do with having more control over your own hands-on environment. It’s attractive to me to grow my own veg and make my own power rather than be part of a big machine.”

The remote UK community living off-grid |

Britain’s real-life castaways: The off-grid community who rejected the rat race to live on a remote Scottish peninsula where wind powers the homes and school |


And one of their number has his own blog:

In particular: how to build your own wind turbine:

With several ‘how to’ videos – also in other languages:

How to build homemade Piggott wind turbine – DIY / L’éolienne Piggott

Hugh Piggott’s Wind Power Workshop |