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Tiny homes for Exeter?

  • by JW

Exeter Tiny House Community launches with crowdfunding


I the ‘tiny homes’ movement offering a way out of our housing crisis? A solution to our housing crisis: tiny homes – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Is it a matter of desperation? How a Londoner Designed a Tiny Home Out of a Dumpster — $4,800

Is it really about a further depressing downgrading of housing conditions? The real housing squeeze: we’re forced to live in tiny homes — and it’s not getting better (Times paywall)

Or is it about being innovative? Bristol area leading housing revolution that sees tiny homes being built in back gardens – Bristol Live

Here’s some news from Transition Exeter this morning:

Tiny homes launch

The crisis in housing is well-known, with homeless people on the street just the tip of the iceberg of those who need a place to live.  Now a local group is seeking to make tiny eco-homes, set up as a community, a real possibility,  Exeter Tiny Homes aims to build an intergenerational community of truly affordable tiny or compact homes in Devon.  It’s launching this month and seeking to establish itself as a community benefit society.  You can help by supporting its crowdfund – more details below.

Transition Exeter | Facebook and Transition Exeter – A local response to the global challenges of climate change, economic hardship, and shrinking supplies of cheap energy

And here are those details:

Help launch Exeter Tiny House Community

“We are a group of 12 people (and growing!) who have a vision to build an intergenerational community of truly affordable tiny or compact homes in Devon UK. We envisage our inclusive community to be a flagship ‘village’ showing that people can live on the land with a low ecological impact. We are all in favour of the build, process and way of living to reflect our deep care and concern for the planet. This may include sourcing local sustainable materials to build our homes, using local labour and trying to be as self-reliant and resilient as possible.

“We are hoping to raise £2,000 to get the Exeter Tiny House Community project kick-started. Funds are needed to enable us to create a Community Benefit Society then move forward towards identifying and purchasing land.”   

You can support their first steps and find out more at Help launch Exeter Tiny House Community – a Community crowdfunding project in Exeter by Exeter Tiny House Community

And there’s more on their dedicated website:

We are currently working hard behind the scenes to make our collective vision a reality and create a beautiful community of tiny homes in or around Exeter in Devon UK. If you are interested in joining us, check out our About Us page and then get in touch. We also have a really useful FAQ page – let us know if your question is not there so we can add it !

Exeter Tiny House Community