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Transition Exmouth – July newsletter

  • by JW

Tidelines… Dr Bike… OurPlaceOurPlanet Blog …. Rivercide…. LoT …ExeCargo… Climate Conversations…


There’s lots going on in Exmouth!

Here are some excerpts from Transition Exmouth’s latest newsletter:


JULY Update 2021
In this issue:

Green Drinks 1st July… Tidelines… Dr Bike… OurPlaceOurPlanet Blog ….Rivercide….LoT…ExeCargo…Wildlife Wardens…Indoor Market Stallshare…Share smart meter data….Climate Action Network… Stir to Action …Membership Secretary….Climate Conversations…Edward ….What Next?…. & more….

Firstly thanks Transition Exmouth for all of your support in helping us find our feet!

What has Tidelines been up to?

Tidelines is a project working with citizens of the Exe estuary and other organisations to bring together arts, sciences, local knowledge and academic research in creative ways to learn more about our changing home – the Exe estuary and coast at a time of climate and ecological emergency.

EXE ESTUARY BOX We are pulling together the beautiful and varied contributions to the Exe Estuary Box which give us a real sense of people’s interests, relationship and concerns about the estuary and are looking forward to exhibiting these around the estuary soon and you can still take part! Check out some of the updated galleries online  

BODY OF WATER We are working with other organisations and interested individuals to co-design a project to monitor water quality in our estuary and coastline using a range of methods including citizen science and creative enquiry. This is in order to gather data to work towards a more healthy sea and estuary. If you are interested in finding out more about this please get in touch.

HIGH WATER We are working on a High Water event in 2022 connecting us to Exeter and other coastal locations around the world through the tides and changing sea levels. More about the March 2021 High Water event here

To keep in touch with all of Tidelines work  please join our mailing list or email us and say hello or let us know what you are interested in or would like to get involved in.

RIVERCIDE is a one-off live investigative documentary, written & presented by George Monbiot and directed by Franny Armstrong.  It will be livestreamed free on  Weds 14 July on

The Rivercide team tell us more about the project :
“Every single river, lake and stream in England is polluted and we are freaking furious about it.
We love rivers. We love wild swimming, we love kayaking and we love watching wildlife. But year on year, we’ve seen our rivers turn from beautiful, pristine ecosystems into open sewers. As revealed by George in his Guardian investigation , water companies and farmers are allowed to just pour waste – including raw sewage – straight into the waters and trash them. There is no effective regulation and no effective punishments. It’s an ecological calamity.
>> The World’s First Live Investigative Documentary? <<
We’re attempting to do something which, as far as we know, has never been done before: a live investigative documentary. Streamed online as it happens, George will present RIVERCIDE live from a polluted river, speaking to experts and campaigners live from other polluted rivers, trying to find out why Britain’s rivers are in the state they’re in and what can be done to improve them. He’ll also be calling politicians and knocking on the polluters’ doors, demanding answers.
Think Challenge Anneka meets Newsnight.
Our wish-list for who we’ll invite to take part includes some of the biggest names in conservation, ecology and politics. We’ll be announcing names as they’re confirmed via our Twitter, Facebook and Instagam.
The one-hour programme will also reveal the results from our team of citizen scientists who’ll be going out testing the water quality of their local rivers. We’ll also be inviting viewers to share their footage of pollution incidents they’ve witnessed.
RIVERCIDE isn’t just about how bad the situation is, even though it is very very bad. Shockingly bad. The documentary will also show how everyone can get involved in turning the situation around, helping to restore our rivers back to the natural wonders they used to be.
We are not approaching broadcasters with RIVERCIDE as we feel it is crucial to be independent. We need to maintain editorial control and not be beholden to funders or executives so we can tell it exactly like it is.
That’s why we’re crowd-funding, you can find out more about the Rivercide  Kickstarter campaign.”

Library of Things
Grand Opening 31st July 
In January Transition Exmouth was awarded National Lottery Funding to set up a “Library of Things” (LoT) and since then a whole lot of work has been going on by a dedicated team of volunteers to set up the infrastructure for the project in preparation for the grand opening on 31st July. Littlemead Methodist Church has generously donated start-up space in one of its outbuildings and this room has been renovated and kitted out with benching, shelving and electricity.  The team has been working tirelessly , a massive well done to them all including Kate, Mary, Trvor, David , Bianca , Catherine , Brian , Helen, Neil, Ally, Josie , Grant , Dave and Vicky .
Responding to a shout-out in local media, nearly 60 pre-loved items have been donated by members of the Exmouth community, ranging from ladders, tools and tents to a garden shredder, and even a cider press. It is also planned to purchase some new high-use items, such as a carpet cleaner.
Members of the Exmouth community will need firstly to join the library by paying an annual fee of £30 in order to use it. The majority of individual items will then be available for hire for a weekly fee, which is expected to be no more than a pound or two a week, depending on its value and popularity. Those pieces that are very popular, i.e. cleaning tools, may have more limited hire periods of 2 or 3 days but these details are still being worked out.
The idea of the LoT is to promote a ‘sharing economy” in the town and provide a facility where people can reserve and borrow a range of household items for DIY or leisure activities for short term use. Sharing things that we only use now and again cuts down on clutter and waste, saves money, brings people together and is kinder to our planet. Nowadays many of us live in smaller spaces and so storage of personal “stuff” can be a challenge. So, a prime aim of the LoT is to stock things that people normally need only infrequently, such as a long ladder or a particular power tool for DIY, or items for a celebration with family and friends, such as a gazebo, catering tables or some extra garden chairs. Also, things, like a tent or other camping equipment, that members may want to try out before deciding whether to buy for themselves.
The LoT is still seeking donation of items to add to its stock; these should be serviceable and in good condition. Collection can be arranged and PAT testing of electrical items will be carried out. If anyone has anything that they wish to donate then please email, giving your contact details and a brief description of the item(s).
Thanks to Exmouth Cycles for hiring us the ExeCargo Bike at mates rates  !
The bike now joins the Exmouth Cycles hire fleet for the summer
 ExeCargo  – now looking for the new face of pedal power deliveries in Exmouth
The initial three month trial of Execargo has ended , showing that there is a viable business opportunity in Exmouth for pedal powered deliveries.Execargo has been making deliveries for several local independent businesses and, for the Exmouth Food Bank. ExeCargo is now looking for someone to take on Execargo as a self employed business opportunity.
The trial period has seen the development of the  Execargo website (VGS comment: This website has been closed as of March 2022)   and has shown that there is enthusiasm among local traders for an ecargobike delivery service.  It has also demonstrated that a paid service can co-exist with volunteers making collections  for community support organisations.It looked as though we had found our perfect rider-manager in Tom Wheeler , but Tom’s health has meant he has had to step back from the project.      If you’re on instagram, you can follow Tom’s Vlog @myhearttransplantstory.We’d like to thank Exmouth Cycles who helped us to make the £500 grant from the Transition Bounce Forward / Lottery  fund  go a long, long way, and Exmouth Town Council for help with signage and printing.
Special thanks of course go to the amazing volunteers who made this happen, especially Angela, Tom, Adrian , Grant , &  Nathan.
Please do contact us. if you are interested in taking over this new exciting venture for Exmouth.

Coming soon on Blog :
My Cycle Route Exmouth to Exeter

Adrian Toole cycles between  Exeter to Exmouth and gives us his views on the routes he’s tested  …
“Please don’t use the A376 or other main roads unless you feel suicidal! The route described, as far as possible, stays off and away from all busy roads.”

Have you met Edward – the blog that contains everything you never realised you wanted to know about waste and recycling in East Devon!

The Last Word comes this month from Positive News magazine about a new no-fly travel agency Byway … Happy Holidays everyone !

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