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Trees in town

  • by JW

“The Incredible Benefits of our Urban Forests”

The Urban Tree Festivl kicks off today.


The Sid Valley is wonderfully wooded

The Sid Valley has 23.2% canopy cover, provided by an estimated 405,000 trees. Average for southwest England 11.2%.

Tree Report v6:Layout 1

But perhaps we can do more:

How to help prevent deforestation – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Especially in bringing more trees into town:

Urban forestry – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Which is very much one of the main aims of the Sid Valley’s “civic arboretum”:

Arboretum towns |


Today marks the first day in a 10-day festival of trees in towns:

Urban Tree Festival – Vision Group for Sidmouth

With all sorts of events online:

Tree Stories: Heart, Mind & Soul – Vision Group for Sidmouth

With all sorts of urban tree projects on show in London, including a wonderful one from Hackney:

Tree Musketeers


Meanwhile, in Exeter, there is the excellent consultancy used by the Sidmouth Arboretum for its researches:

Home – Treeconomics

Which included the excellent i-Tree Eco project:

(PDF) Sidmouth i-Tree Eco impact summary


FInally, why plant trees in towns?

Here’s a wonderful list –


Health and wealth: In Toronto, researchers found that people living on tree-lined streets reported health benefits equivalent to being seven years younger or receiving a $10,000 (£7,500) salary rise


Lowers crime: Areas with higher vegetation cover have lower rates of crime, and littering

Benefits of Street Trees – Save Our Street Trees