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Urging the government to make new year’s nature resolutions

  • by JW

A call from the nation’s largest environmental charities


Today’s Times carries a plea from the country’s major nature bodies for commitments to be made:

Leading conservation charities have written to Boris Johnson urging him to make a series of new year’s resolutions to tackle the nature and climate crises. The National Trust, RSPB, Woodland Trust and the Wildlife Trusts have joined forces to call for urgent action that builds on the promises made at the Cop26 conference in Glasgow. They are asking the government to make seven commitments this year, focusing on protecting and restoring peatlands, paying farmers to restore nature, and additional measures to protect marine environments. They are also calling for an immediate ban on the use of peat for horticultural purposes in the professional and amateur sectors, and a ban on burning upland peat.

Charities join forces in call for green pledges from Boris Johnson | News | The Times [paywall]

The full press statement is here:

• Charities have written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to call for a series of New Year nature resolutions
• Government must not allow COP26 momentum to be lost and should build on its climate leadership
• Call for action on restoring and protecting upland peatlands
• Protect key habitats, including marine environments, to tackle climate change and provide homes for nature
• Ensure payments for farmers encourage them to tackle the nature and climate crises

Nation’s largest environmental charities call on the Prime Minister to make New Year’s resolutions to tackle the climate and nature crises | The Wildlife Trusts

The Standard carries an official response:

A Government spokesperson said they were “absolutely committed” to tackling climate change. They added: “We are taking action to limit rising temperatures, with new pledges to cut carbon and methane emissions, end deforestation, phase out coal and provide more finance to countries most vulnerable to climate change.” The spokesperson said England’s new Sustainable Farming Incentive would reward land managers for using more environmentally friendly farming practices, while the Government was also consulting on plans to phase out the use of peat in the horticulture sector, and was promoting sustainable management of peat habitats.

PM urged to make New Year’s resolutions to tackle nature and climate crises | Evening Standard