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VGS to hold general election hustings in Sidmouth

  • by JW

The Vision Group will be hosting a hustings event for the General Election on Friday 6th December:

General Election Hustings in Sidmouth


So far, the declared East Devon candidates are:

  • Michael Amor (Brexit Party)
  • Simon Jupp (Conservatives)
  • Eleanor Rylance (Liberal Democrats)
  • Dan Wilson (Labour)
  • Claire Wright (Independent)


The Herald has been reporting on the candidates

Election 2019 – How does East Devon look ahead of snap poll?

East Devon Conservatives begin search for Sir Hugo Swire’s successor

‘Enough is enough’, says Liberal Democrats’ Parliamentary candidate championing ‘Stop Brexit’ campaign

‘I’m going to win this time’ – Independent parliamentary candidate aims to be a ‘strong’ constituency MP

‘I’m in it to win it’ says Labour Party election candidate

.As have other local media:

All of whom have been contacted to attend the hustings event in Sidmouth next month – as well as the Green Party and UKIP in East Devon, neither of whom have put up candidates as yet.

The local police have also be contacted for advice on security.


Here are some pronouncements from the candidates and opinion pieces from the media:



Simon Jupp (Conservatives)Simon Jupp and Selection news: Shortlist for Bristol North West; Tall selected in Bath and Tories will get more than half of East Devon vote’ – claim

Eleanor Rylance (Liberal Democrats)Eleanor Rylance for East Devon and Eleanor Rylance – LibDem candidate for East Devon

Dan Wilson (Labour)Dan Wilson

Claire Wright (Independent)Claire Wright and and Former MP predicts General Election win for independent Claire Wright and Thoughts on the Lib Dem, Green and Plaid Cymru remain election pact and Patrick Kidd’s election road trip: Watch out, they’re behind you! and Election 2019: Region-by-region guide to the most volatile election in memory and High profile MPs are standing as independents – but will they be re-elected?


For more info:

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