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Vision Group seeks Sid Valley visionaries!

  • by JW

Next week, the Vision Group will be hosting a public meeting on alternatives to the high street banks:

How to maintain Sidmouth’s ‘vibrant economy’ > public meeting to consider mutual bank

Talk by South West Mutual Bank


This is very much part of the Vision Group’s “visionary” approach – as highlighted in the lead letter in the Herald:


Letter to the editor


Dear Sir,

Some fifteen years after the SVA and Town Council proposed the setting up of the Vision Group for Sidmouth, officers are hanging up their hats, satisfied with notable successes that are part of Valley life today.

Perhaps most familiar are the Café Scientifique and the Science Festival, but the group also gained Transition Town status – which is all about building local vitality and resilience.

The VGS has been involved in the Beach Management Plan since its inception and pushed for sustainable development at Port Royal – as well as being part of the campaigning group Save Our Sidmouth.

More recently there have been public meetings on cycling, health, climate change and a plastic-free Sidmouth – all working with other local community groups.

And next Tuesday 12th March at 7pm, the Vision Group will be hosting a meeting where the South West Mutual bank will be proposing an alternative to the traditional banks – which have been steadily abandoning our high street.

The event will be held at the Leigh Browne Room opposite the Hospital and is open to all.

Looking to the future, the VGS hopes to help out with the Community Actions which will be coming out of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Vision Group has always been open to all – and now seeks new members.

If you have ideas which could impact and help shape the positive development of our community in the coming years – do get in touch with the VGS at

Peter Murphy

on behalf of the Vision Group for Sidmouth

Recent bank closures prompt public meeting about ‘filling the gap’