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#VoteForTheOcean – where do the parties stand on the ocean?

  • by JW

Radio 4’s Costing the Earth looked at the parties’ policies on the environment:

Election 2019 | BBC Radio 4


Here’s the perspective from Surfers Against Sewage – and a message from their Chief Executive Hugo Tagholm:


#VoteForTheOcean – where do the parties stand on the ocean?

Did you watch the Channel 4 climate debate last week? Despite all our brilliant tweeting and emailing, party leaders mostly ignored the ocean when it came to talking about nature and climate change. 

Only one leader talked about the importance of ocean biodiversity. So #GenerationSea, we’ve got work to do to make sure party leaders recognise the threats the ocean faces and the opportunities we have.

And there are just 9 days until the election. Have you decided how you’ll vote?

We’ve been through the party manifestos to dig out the policies that could shape the ocean’s future for generations to come.

Click here to read a summary of what the parties are promising. 

There’s a lot to weigh up. Surfers Against Sewage isn’t here to tell you who to vote for. 

But I hope this handy summary will help you make up your mind when you come to cast your #VoteForTheOcean on 12 December.

Right now, world leaders are gathered in Madrid for COP25, the latest global climate negotiations. Experts there are calling for radical action. Our leaders must listen and act fast.

We need our future government to protect the ocean as a vital ecosystem, not just because ocean life is wondrous but because if we protect the ocean it can help protect us from climate change. It’s never been more urgent.

Click here to read a summary of party manifestos.

For the ocean,


Surfers Against Sewage | Environmental charity tackling …


Sidmouth Plastic Warriors are working locally with SAS:

Sidmouth Plastic Warriors