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Ways ahead for levelling up rural

  • by JW

Looking at: rural productivity… travel options… more personalised mental health and social care… responsible tourism… reviewing the green belt…


Rural communities are at a disadvantage in so many areas of public life: Rural cost-of-living emergency – Vision Group for Sidmouth

So how can that be addressed? 

Well, here are some initiatives from the last couple of days:

Inquiry into the cost-of-living crisis in rural areas

THE All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Rural Business and the Rural Powerhouse has this week issued a call for evidence to establish the effects the cost-of-living crisis is having on countryside businesses and communities. This new inquiry follows the report published earlier this year by the APPG, “Levelling Up The Rural Economy: an inquiry into rural productivity”, which collated evidence from more than 50 industry bodies, charities, companies, campaign groups, academics and business leaders.

To submit evidence, email and indicate the area(s) you wish to answer. The closing date for evidence is November 25, 2022.

Inquiry into the cost-of-living crisis in rural areas | Darlington and Stockton Times and Government calls for evidence to determine cost-of-living crisis impact on rural areas – Farmers Guide

Efforts to tackle the challenges facing rural areas have been bolstered by a commitment from key players to further collaborate

Organisations and individuals involved in last week’s Rural Catalyst Conference in Northumberland pledged to work closer together to unlock the potential in rural businesses and communities. This includes possible transport solutions to help rural employers attract employees where travel options are limited and car-dependent, innovative ways to deliver more personalised mental health and social care, and ideas for promoting responsible tourism. Organised by the Rural Design Centre Innovation Project (RDCIP) and the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise (NICRE), the conference championed the rich diversity of the rural economy and rural businesses’ ability to be resilient and adapt in response to crisis.

Collaboration pledge to tackle rural challenges and unlock potential – Rural Services Network

The need for Green Belt reform: more reviews and plans (and fewer agendas)

We have levelling up. But February’s Levelling Up White Paper contained just four references to the Green Belt and the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill failed to mention it once. Admittedly the term ‘levelling up agenda’ is a better political soundbite that ‘National Spatial Plan’ – though it’s quite apt, as the word ‘agenda’ is defined as ‘a list of items to be discussed’.
It is clear that the Government views Green Belt reform as separate from levelling up. This is ironic because Green Belt has, to some extent, driven the north-south divide, which itself brought about the need for levelling up agenda…

The need for Green Belt reform: more reviews and plans (and fewer agendas) | Property Reporter