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“We need a national bus strategy”

  • by JW

Buses continue to have a rough drive:

Newton Poppleford protests over ‘unfair’ and ‘crazy’ bus ticket prices leads to meeting

Cutting rural bus services: “buses helped bring local people together”

Crisis as local bus journeys in Devon hit record low

Routes decrease, fares increase and…

Bus Companies Earned Billions Amid Savage Cuts To Routes, Analysis Shows – Huff Post


And so people are using buses less and less, as reported on Devon Live

Crisis as local bus journeys in Devon hit record low

Two million fewer journeys were made last year

Darren Shirley, Chief Executive of Campaign for Better Transport, said: “The statistics back up what our research has been showing for years – that buses are in crisis.

“Local bus services are vital, linking millions of us to jobs, education, shops and services, friends and family. They open up opportunities and help to fight loneliness.

“But buses up and down the country are being cut, severing these precious connections.

“What we need is a national bus strategy, backed by central government funding.

“Rail and roads, cycling and walking – all of these already have a national strategy. Why should buses be the poor relation?”