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Wildlife gardening in a small back yard

  • by JW

The award-winning ‘Renter’s Retreat’ garden “aims to inspire people to make yards and gardens wilder and that everybody can play an important role in helping nature to recover” [The Wildlife Trusts]


There are lots of ideas out there for creating a ‘wildlife garden’:

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A lot of people only have a very small back yard-come-garden – and so have less room to play in:

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It also needn’t be an expensive operation:

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The Wildlife Trusts’ garden at the Hampton Garden show should really inspire:

Hampton Court Garden Festival ‘yarden’ will inspire renters to go wild | The Wildlife Trusts

It really is an ideal model for those of us with a small space:

The award-winning Renters’ Retreat ‘get started’ garden is all about empowering and inspiring us all, no matter our home ownership status, to get gardening for ourselves and the planet. The Renter’s Retreat garden has been successful in recieving three awards at this year’s RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival including the RHS Peoples Choice Award, a gold medal and the Best Get Started Garden.

The Renters’ Retreat | The Wildlife Trusts

Yes, it got gold!

RHS judges praised the garden for its naturalistic and robust planting – the Renter’s Retreat aims to inspire people to make yards and gardens wilder and that everybody can play an important role in helping nature to recover, especially in urban areas.

Around one in three households in England are rented and over seven million of these properties have access to outdoor space. Claymore’s garden aims to show visitors how they can help nature and climate by utilising small outdoor areas – particularly in towns and cities with 85% of England’s population living in urban areas.

The Renter’s Retreat explores how a small, shady, courtyard can be transformed into a beautiful wildlife haven, while providing a relaxing space for people to enjoy. A variety of shade to part shade plants feature including herbs like coriander, water mint, and sorrel, native shade dwelling plants such as ferns, and fruits including wild strawberries and crab apples. Wildlife can find food throughout the seasons with a mix of specially selected flowering and fruiting plants.

The Wildlife Trusts’ Renter’s Retreat wins gold medal and Best Get Started Garden award at RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival | The Wildlife Trusts