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World Environment Day today!

  • by JW



East Devon has been celebrating the environment this month:

30 May 2022 – Month-long event will celebrate East Devon volunteers – East Devon

And today, we’ve all be celebrating the environment:

World Environment Day

We have #OnlyOneEarth (World Environment Day 2022) – YouTube

This year’s theme is:

The theme for this year is #OnlyOneEarth, which is a throwback to the first global environment gathering in 1972 which incidentally took place in Sweden.
2022 marks 50 years since the first international meeting on the environment in 1972-the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment.
‘Only One Earth’ was the slogan for the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment that put sustainable development on the global agenda and led to the establishment of World Environment Day.

What is the theme for World Environment Day 2022?

With a practical example from Metro News:

Mobile phones are essential to our lives, but they also tend to get updated pretty regularly – leaving a pile of old tech gathering dust in a drawer.
You may be tempted to just chuck the old device away with the rest of the rubbish, but that’s a huge mistake. Smartphones and other electronics contain materials and elements that shouldn’t go into landfill.
Green Redeem UK says: ‘Mobile phones contain enough lead to qualify as hazardous waste, so it’s really important that old handsets or batteries never end up in our normal rubbish bins. If you recycle a mobile phone correctly, all those potentially dangerous materials can be safely extracted and reused.’
Apple stores, for example, will recycle your old phones and tablets – and you’ll get a trade-in card with the value of the handset. An iPhone 5 in good order, for example, currently redeems for £25. Lots of other phone shops will accept them for recycling, so when you buy a new one ask if they have a scheme.
Many charities also accept phones. Oxfam lets you bring a phone into their shops, or if you have five or more they’ll send a courier to pick them up.

World Environment Day 2022: How to recycle your phone responsibly | Metro News

And a word of warning from the DWT – and note the water vole:

(21) Devon Wildlife Trust on Twitter: “It’s #WorldEnvironmentDay! UK Government plans for meeting legally-binding targets in the Environment Act are currently not up to scratch. For today’s #30DaysWild act, help us demand better for wildlife 👉 📷 Terry Whittaker/2020VISION #StandUpForNature” / Twitter

Finally, from yesterday’s posting on the River Sid website:

Could the River Sid see the reintroduction of water voles? – The Sid