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£300k developers’ cash for projects in Sidmouth

  • by JW

Now, suddenly, a huge amount of cash which has been lying dormant has been made available – as reported by the Herald:


£300k to boost Sidmouth tourism from Sanditon

The town has been waiting for the Section 106 money to be released, following the sale of all of the Sanditon apartments on the site of the former Fortfield Hotel, which was destroyed by a fire in 2011.

District councillor Cathy Gardner has criticised the authority for the length of time it has taken to release the money and has called for clarity on how to apply for the community cash.

She said: “What’s the process? If £300,000 is available, then the town council and interested groups need to step forward and put some projects together. That money is supposed to compensate Sidmouth for the loss of the hotel.

“It’s starting to sound like they are putting it off. We want that money, we should have it now, so lets pull our fingers out and make it happen.”

£300k to boost Sidmouth tourism from Sanditon