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A guide to remote and hybrid working

  • by J.W.

“85% Of Workers Want Remote Work”


We know that more and more people are working ‘remotely’ in the Sid Valley and in East Devon: Working from home – working from the seaside – Vision Group for Sidmouth

And there is a fair amount of ‘debate’ going on: The debate on WFH continues – Vision Group for Sidmouth

There is also the ‘hybrid’ model: Remote vs. Hybrid Work: Which Is the Best Work Model for You?

And, again, there is discussion about its merits, with a new report out today: Remote and hybrid work are associated with higher anxiety and depression – Allwork.Space

But that doesn’t seem to correlate with what those actually doing the work want: Listen Up Employers: 85% Of Workers Want Remote Work – Allwork.Space

Here’s a very handy and accessible guide for both employers and employees – to help make the transition less stressful: The guide to upskilling remote & hybrid workers | Adaptavist